Physical Real Time Facebook Fan Counter

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Display social media likes in a high visibility counter at your business.

Fbox displays a continuous count of Facebook ‘likes’ in real time so passers-by can appreciate how many others are fans of your business.

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Unbox Connect Communicate Benefit

You will be able to notify every single client with a pocket message. You can send him message notifying that amazing events, discounts or whatever is coming. Just one connection with “Fbox” and he stays with you forever.

Also new huge abilities are coming, such as ordering food or any other service by your’s phone.

Moreover, buying “Fbox” gives you a free advertisement in our official Facebook page.

  • Every month updates comes automatically, just leave the “Fbox” on.

Fbox is made out of two thick panels of durable Canadian Red Cedar. The front panel features a blue LED digital counter and an illuminated Facebook thumbs-up logo to show what is being visualized.

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